Brookies are the ultimate brownie-cookie sensation, featuring a chewy
brownie base that nestles a tasty center topped with your favorite cookie!
One taste, and you’ll have a new favorite dessert!
  Brookies are individually packaged and sold ready to serve either right
out of the box or warmed and topped with your favorite sauce or ice cream.
No need for cutting, and no waste involved!
  No skimping on the good stuff – Taste the rich, unmistakable homemade
goodness of our own signature recipe that uses all-natural ingredients!
Also available gluten free.
  Dress them up on an elegant dessert tray or serve them as they are
in a casual setting. We can customize the look and/or flavor of
the Brookie to meet your needs.

  • Brookie weighs approximately 6 ounces
  • size is approximately 3 5/8 inches in diameter
  • average cost per unit is negotiable depending upon the quantity ordered
  • no delivery charge if order minimum is reached; the order minimum depends on location (minimums starting at $100)
  • can be individually packaged
  • delivered fresh but can be frozen for up to eighteen months, when thawed maintains a five day shelf life
  • payment schedule is 30 days upon receipt of order
  • orders must be received by Monday prior to delivery the following week
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